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What is it with German megalomaniacs and moustaches? Observe:

Left: Kaiser Wilhelm II; Right: Adolf Hitler

On the left we have Kaiser Wilhelm II (1859-1941), ruler of the German Empire during World War I (“the most evil German to ever live” – according to the Simpsons, anyway). And on the right is good old Adolf (1889-1945). You’ll notice from the dates that it’s quite possible that they met at some point to discuss their respective moustaches – oh, and World Wars; I guess that was a common interest too.



  1. Ah, moustaches. They adorn the faces of the best of us, and the worst of us.

    • Haha, so true, my friends, so true. Btw, your blog looks awesome! Haven’t gone through much of it yet, but I’ll try to find time to. And seriously, I don’t think I will ever forget the name “Team Moustache Awesome”. Legendary, that.

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