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FoHC now has a new page: “Memorable Words”! The link is under the name of the blog, aligned to the right, in case you can’t find it. It’s just a collection of quotes that I’ve picked up at random intervals over the last few years, and that I found interesting enough to remember (although, no, not always word for word; I had to look one or two of them up again). There’s no categorization by date, author, subject matter, or anything else.

I expect to be adding more memorable lines to the list as and when I come across them, so if you do find the ones up there already to be interesting (or, in other words, to have the property of “interestingness”… Sorry, I still can’t get over the fact that that’s an actual word), you may want to visit the page again every once in a while.

P.S. I tried to come up with a cool name for the page, like the Reader’s Digest’s “Quotable Quotes”. I failed.

DISCLAIMER: I’m pretty sure the law doesn’t allow you to sue me for things that other people said. So try your best to suppress that urge.


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