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I hereby announce the inception of The Folly of Human Conceit’s first-ever writing contest!

You may (or may not) have noticed in the last post that my attention has been drawn to a certain kind of writing known as constrained writing. This is where an author attempts to create meaningful stuff while operating under certain self-imposed restraints. In particular, it’s lipogrammatic writing that has piqued my interest, so this is going to be a lipogram-writing contest! Read on for particulars.


1) All entries must be lipograms that exclude the letter “e”. A lipogram is, by definition, a work of writing that excludes a particular letter of the alphabet. Any letter could be excluded, but since “e” is the most commonly used letter in the English language, this probably makes “e”-excluded lipograms the most challenging- and fun!

2) Entries can be as long or as short as you like. But they do have to make some sense- random disjointed sentences won’t do.

3) I see no particular reason why there should be a last date for entries. I mean, it’s really not like I’m gonna be inundated by the sheer volume of entries any time soon. So feel free to send something in whenever you come across this post. You can write in the “Comments” section of this post, or email me at

4) Everybody wins! Well, what I mean is that everybody who actually sends in an entry that is a true “e”-excluded lipogram, does make some sense, and doesn’t contain anything too offensive will have his/her work featured on The Folly of Human Conceits. Plus, every featured writer will also receive an awesome mystery gift! No, seriously, you will; but you’ll have to include an email address for that.

To get things started, here’s my hasty attempt:


I wish you and I could hold hands to allay our fright, as in past occasions. I still look skyward at night, but it’s not what it was, not without you. A million points of light, but no shining star to show what I should do. That shining star was you.

I know, its horrible, right? But it really isn’t easy working without “e”s. And anyway, if you think you can do better, prove it!


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