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If you have any doubts as to the awesomeness of what is to follow, go back and reread the title of this post- Dinosaur Comics! Created by Canadian Ryan North in 2003, these comics deal with everything from love to linguistics, history and science fiction, the nature of Good and Evil… and lots more.

And what makes them even more interesting is their format- Dinosaur Comics is what’s known as a constrained comic. You’ll notice that nearly every comic has the same six panels, and that it’s only the dialog that changes from one to the next. This constraint makes it challenging to continue writing such a comic in a way that retains originality and interestingness (by the way, I just found out that that is a real word- interestingness).

One might say that constrained comics aren’t exactly a new idea, but are descended from some very illustrious forms of constrained art. In poetry, for instance, sonnets, and Japanese haiku impose rigid constraints upon writers. And then there are those weirdos who attempt to write novels in palindromic form, or without the letter “e”. A heads up for the regular readers of this site (i.e. no one): that last constrained form sounds like so much fun to me that my next post is going to be an attempt at such a story!

Anyways, enjoy the three comics below, and for more, go to I recommend going to the archives and reading them from the very beginning- 1st February, 2003. Note that Ryan North gives full permission to share his comics in any way you like, but if you do publish them publicly, just let him know by email.


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